Dentists interested in getting the vaccine should check with their local hospitals and county health departments. The FDA is continuing to get clarification on the plans/timeline for vaccinating all health care personnel.

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ADA Advocacy

ADA advocates for vaccine access

Dentists and dental teams are healthcare workers who should be among those offered priority access to COVID-19 vaccines, CDC confirms.

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5 reasons why fluoride is great and the 70+ years of research behind it.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Update:

As vaccines become available, some county health departments and hospitals are beginning to reach out to dentists to schedule a time for the dental team to get vaccinated. However, this isn’t being done consistently across the state and the FDA is working to get clarification from the Department of Health. In the meantime, questions of who can get the vaccine has been a topic of concern.  Please use these links to read the governor’s orders on the vaccine and the CDC’s guidelines on who should be vaccinated.

Governor's Orders                      CDC'S Guidelines

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