The South Florida District Dental Association
Peer Review Mediation Program

Your Options for Resolving Complaints

One of the goals of the South Florida District Dental Association members is to provide you – the patient – with personalized attention and the highest quality dental care possible. But, even in the best dentist-patient relationship, problems may occur.

First, talk frankly to your dentist about any concerns you have. Often, you and your dentist will be able to resolve any problems. If for some reason you cannot satisfactorily resolve the issue, or if you believe your dentist has not provided you with the best quality care possible, there are still options. You may decide to have the dispute mediated through the SFDDA’s Peer Review Mediation Program.

The SFDDA Peer Review Mediation program is available if your dentist is a member of the South FLorida District Dental Association. Mediation is voluntary and is designed to resolve problems between dentists and patients in a fast, cost-effective manner.

Only cases involving problems with actual treatment and procedures are eligible for mediation. Cases not eligible for the Peer Review Mediation Program include malpractice litigation; formal regulatory investigations; disputes over dental fees; treatment that occurred more than 12 months before the patient’s last appointment with the dentist; and cases involving dentists who are not SFDDA members.

If your case is ineligible for the SFDDA Peer Review Mediation Program, you may wish to explore alternatives. These include but are not limited to, consulting with an attorney, which may result in a malpractice lawsuit; complaining directly to the Florida Board of Dentistry (888-419-3456); dropping the complaint; contacting the dentist directly; and /or contacting another consumer-services organization. The SFDDA cannot advise you about which course of action, if any that you should take.

Who do I call to make a complaint against a dentist? 

You may contact the South Florida District Dental Association office, although there are certain criteria which must be met. The dentist must be a member of the association and the complaint must be about dental work/procedure started or completed within the past year. If they are not a member of SFDDA, you may  file a complaint with the State, Florida HealthMore information...

If the dentist is not a member, you may contact the Board of Dentistry at (888) 419-3456 / (850) 245-4339, Better Business Bureau at (727) 535-5522, the Federal Trade Commission, (877) 382-4357, or if it is an insurance issue, the Insurance Consumer Hotline at (800) 342-2762.