Why Choose an FDA Member Dentist

The Florida Dental Association’s (FDA) member dentists are also members of the American Dental Association (ADA) and make a special commitment to uphold the highest ethical principles, practice standards and mission of the FDA. When you or your family visit a dentist that’s an FDA member, you know your smile is in the best hands.

All FDA members go through a thorough licensing process and are held to a moral and ethical standard by their peers and the Florida Board of Dentistry. When you choose an FDA-member dentist, you can be assured that individual is actively involved in furthering his or her own professional development, and improving the oral health of their patients and all Floridians. FDA members engage in sharing best practices with their peers, advocate for improving access to dental care and have access to more than 500 hours of continuing education to keep them at the forefront of state-of-the-art dental techniques.

FDA-member dentists also are American Dental Association members and follow a code of ethics that reflects each dentist’s commitment to integrity and promoting the highest professional standards:

Principle 1: Self-governance
You have the right as a patient to be involved in your treatment decisions, and your FDA dentist has a duty to honor your decisions within acceptable treatment parameters and to safeguard your privacy.

Principle 2: Do no harm
Your FDA dentist has a duty to protect you from harm and must keep his or her knowledge and skills current.

Principle 3: Do good
Your FDA dentist has a duty to promote your welfare by delivering competent and timely dental care that takes into consideration your needs, desires and values.

Principle 4: Fairness
Your FDA dentist has a duty to treat all people fairly and deliver dental care without prejudice.

Principle 5: Truthfulness
Your FDA dentist has a duty to be honest and trustworthy.

To make sure you are seeing an FDA dentist who has promised to follow these principles and provide the highest standard of care, ask if your dentist is an FDA member. To find an FDA-member dentist near you, go to Find-A-Dentist.